if you have an idea of what you would like but are not sure of how many you need please email or give me a call with a description and I can advise on numbers needed and send through a quote. Also if you would like something that isn't on the website please send a photo via email - I love making new flowers!

All measurements are approximate as each one is made by hand but I will try and keep to the measurements supplied/quoted as closely as possible. 

Please allow at least 3 weeks for production (and allow for postage) if you would like a large number of flowers, more time may be needed. Also if you need them quickly I'll always try and do what I can so get in touch. 

Jobs will not be started without the deposit requested on the quote being paid. The balance being due pre delivery. 

A great plus side if sugar flowers is they last for a very long time when kept in the correct conditions. If you would like to deep the flowers as keepsake, they can be kept in a vase, optimally under/ behind glass but otherwise in a non-humid area. If you would like the flowers to be reworked the can be returned and reworked for a fee. 

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