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Sugar flowers though made from sugar are not for eating! They are food safe and so that makes them perfect for decorating cakes. Often in nature there are parts of flowers and plants that are harmful and shouldn't be put on a cake. Since they can last as a beautiful display after the even  it would be a waste to eat them anyway!



If you like the look of a bouquet from an event or certain mix of flowers feel free to get in touch. I can also look at what the florist is putting together so all the flowers of the event match.



At present I don't do real cakes to accompany the sugar flowers - though I can do a faux one for you but I can help source a cake for you in certain areas - I work with some amazing cake decorators who can supply the cake for you. 



The nature of sugar work is that it is fragile. The flowers will be packaged as carefully as possible.  At present pick up/ delivery is the preferred option and some pieces can be posted - at Sugar Florist's discretion. 

If the work is posted and arrives damages there are a couple of options.  A full refund, repair or the piece can be remade. If the flowers are delivered or picked up once they are with you that is taken as sign off as the flowers are satisfactory.